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Our 9th Year Serving Hawaii!

From simply Mounting a TV to full blown Home Theater with Music Through-out the Home, we've seen and done it all! Having started out when this industry was known as Hi-Fi in 1978, our roots began in music, which started even before our Hi-Fi days. Growing up in the school band and orchestra system then graduating to a Club Band doing covers of great music to help pay for college, we've got a diversified background in music and electronics. The Hi-Fi world seemed to be a natural

for us. We've seen the end of the 8 track tape, the birth of CD as well as DVD, the end of Betamax and the beginning of


We remember when you used to buy your stereo at

the HiFi store, but you would by your TV at the Appliance store. But now these two go hand in hand. In our opinion, a TV should always have a sound system connected to it because the visual part is only HALF of the experience! A home-theater system is based on a TV and a sound system.

The sound system is called a “surround sound” system and has speakers placed strategically around the room.

A well designed and installed Home Theater should play movies with clarity, authority, delicacy - conveying a sense of depth and proper scale or size to the ear to match the depth and size that the video display gives to the eye. These qualities serve the playing of music quite well, too. And what is the foundation of a movie, but music.

The soundtrack is always composed of music! So music should be delicate, powerful, clear and moving. You should be able to suspend temporarily the knowledge that you are listening to a speaker and just watching a TV to let yourself be drawn into the experience. However, it takes the right equipment as well as the proper design and installation to make this happen. We

learned a long time ago that not all manufacturers do all things well - they all are very specialized. Our experience in the industry gives us an inside track on which products are the best in their price range which translates to a better system for our customers - more for their money! So, what can we do for you? Our consultation is free and our first proposal is free, too. Give us a call and let's visit about the Cool Possibilities . . .

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