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High Performance Audio is a direction of the audio and video industry that we find very exciting! By taking a very select combination of products, including the cables and accessories, and with very careful set up, we can create an incredible 'you-are-there' experience! Do you remember the time you were at a concert (or restaurant or club or someone's living room) and a musician started performing - making goose bumps rise up all over your body - or even bringing tears to your eyes? We now have the technology to recreate that amazing experience in your home! We are searching out and finding those companies who create products that have one goal in mind - truth in the music. These companies are run by ingenious people who tirelessly work to create products that when you close your eyes and the music starts, the performers seem to materialize right there in your room! We call that the 'you-are-there' experience where you can almost feel the weight of a person singing, where you can feel the body of the

acoustic guitar resonating with each pluck of the strings, where you can hear the space between each of the instruments in the recording - each instrument creating a living, breathing entity - where you feel that you can almost reach out and touch them!

Our goal is to find and assemble products that represent the very best in this new field of music reproduction, but are also affordable. Without being affordable, most people will never be able

to experience and enjoy this new level of music in their home, which we feel would be a travisty! These products will be made up of amplifiers, speakers, speaker cable and audio connectors, but will also include computers and computer products as well as

software. The possibilites right now are ever evolving - our guidance will be essential!

One valuable part of this new direction really includes the music itself. With the introduction of the Blu Ray format and streaming or downloading of media, the music industry itself is starting to move in the support of high performance audio! From the musicians to the recording engineers to the producers, the support of high resolution audio, or as some call it - 'high definition audio' - is gaining support and is providing some amazing results. These artists who work so hard to hone their craft want the world to hear their music as they hear it - with true realism!

CD has for so long been the standard of the industry for music reproduction, though with the introduction of the i-Pod, computer based music is on the verge of replacing the CD in terms of

popularity. Unfortunately, the i-Pod does NOT provide high resolution audio. It actually provides a low resolution facsimile of the music, of which on a decent system, the low quality is easily noticed! However, in addition to CD and Blu Ray, the computer provides

CD and Hi-rez Music Downloads

the perfect media system for the new high resolution music files that are becoming available. High resolution audio, like 'Hi Def' TV, is a quantum leap above the lowly mp3 that the i-Pod created, but the results can be truly spectacular - and music created using this high resolution approach is becoming available for download or for purchase on Blu Ray! Call us today and we can discuss these developments in this new and exciting area of the audio world!

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