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Home Theater (and Anything Audio or Video!)

Home Theater is the art of creating a movie theater experience in your home. That doesn't mean that you need a dedicated room with theater seating. On the contrary, we create home theaters in Living Rooms, Great Rooms, Bedrooms - any place that a family wants their experience to be centered! We have the ability to hide the technology in a way that you don't even know it is around until the lights go down and the show is ready to start. What this means to you is that your movie and TV experience can be located anyplace that you want it to be. Great Room during the day and Home Theater at night! Hide the electronics in a closet in a hallway or even in a different room, hide the TV behind a painting, drop a projection system out of the ceiling or soffit at the push of a button . . . we have the capability! The key is the design and implementation: placement, quality products, perfect installation and then proper set-up and calibration. Talk to us about your home and your thoughts and desires and we can make it happen!

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