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Installation is the unsung hero of our industry. Without someone performing the installation of home electronics, a lot of people would not be enjoying what today's technology has to offer. We find that most people don't have any idea what it takes to install and connect a home audio and video system. We've discussed this lack of awareness with some of our customers after we completed an installation and they were totally amazed at the amount of detail work, technical knowledge, physical ability - and also the time that was needed to properly install and set up their system. They tell us "we thought it would be quick - just hook up a few

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wires and you would be done. But now that we've seen what you had to do, we're so glad we didn't try to do it ourselves!" Not every installation is difficult, but if you don't know, will you get it right? Call us and we can visit about your system or TV. We install any kind of Audio / Video product or system, from flat panel installations to speakers on the lanai to . . . whatever!

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