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In Hawaii, one of the most forgotten, yet most excellent additions to a new home is a Home Music System. Hawaii has never really had companies like us to provide installation of a Home Music System. We can't express enough how wonderful it is to have music piped into different areas in your home. Whether you love to have friends over for dinner, or you entertain on a larger scale, or you never entertain, but you love to listen to good music, a Home Music System is the perfect solution. We can tailor your system to your needs and desires and to your budget. We design systems with CD players, i-Pod docks and FM/AM radios, but we can also incorporate computer interfaces and multimedia servers which can stream music off the Internet. Did you know there are over 14,000 music stations available free of charge on the Internet? And with the proper set-up, you can enjoy any of this music in any room of your home!

We can install a simple 'Single Zone' system that plays the same music all over the home, or we can do a 'Multi-Zone' system that allows you to play completely different music in each room of the home. We can install 'touch-pads', key-pads or simple volume controls. Sometimes we install i-Pod docks around the home so that if music is playing on the Home Music System and you want to hear something privately, just plug your i-Pod into the dock and your room can play your i-Pod! Just like our Home Theater installations, the speakers can be painted or textured (fauxed) to blend with the surroundings and no wires will be seen. It is truly a 'stealth' system!

A Home Music System receives the same commitment from us in terms of design and installation, so we use the same process to provide your proposal. First, we need an hour or so to visit with you, to find out your needs and to look at your space (or to arrange to obtain blueprints). Then, in the next 2 to 3 days, we'll touch bases with you and give you our preliminary assessment regarding budget. Once we agree on budget, within the next 7 days, we will put together a complete proposal, including a complete description of your system and the project, diagrams based on your blueprints, product information, itemization of products recommended and a copy of our Installation Agreement. Give us a call and let's visit about your home and its possibilies . . .

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