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Even though GoldenEar is a new speaker company, they are setting the audio world on it's ear (no pun intended!) with their products bringing true High Performance audio into the ranks of the affordable.

Wisdom's proprietary thin film planar-magnetic transducers in their amazing speakers were developed to solve problems inherent in traditional designs and how they interact with the listening room. The result is an experience like no other.

Yamaha Electronics Corp. offers industry-leading home theater components, especially their 'Avantage' line. For integration, sound quality and value, Yamaha is the best in the industry!

Awesome thermal control products for cabinets and closets - built to last and affordable too! Thermostate controllers and 'Turbo boosters' control the fans for any sized space - a small investment to protect your electronics investment!

Oppo creates world-class audio and video products, makers of the benchmark BD-105D Universal Disc Player which is the 'go-to' blu ray/universal disc player/DAC for the industry. All of their products are highly recommended!

Epson, as a manufacturer, provides the LCD panels that are used in almost every other brand of LCD projectors, but Epson keeps the best for their own projectors, which are awarded for superior engineering, design and value.

Screen Innovations creates advanced projector screens that effectively combine performance, value, and visual appeal. Check out their Black Diamond Screen to see how unique SI is! is the leading source of Hi-Resolution music. Though still a new concept in the industry and some record labels aren't helping by providing true Hi-Rez source files, this is the future of music and we want to support them!

The big brother to the Denon name, Marantz approaches all of their electronics with music in mind! Not suprisingly, highly acclaimed for being very musical, Marantz products are considered a great value for the performance they provide!

Music Hall creates only affordable, high quality, 2 channel high performance electronics and turntables. They consistently make the "Recommended Components" list in Stereophile Magazine.

Paragon is a cool company that makes professional pop-corn, cotton candy, snowcone, shave ice and hot dog machines, but also make professional quality machines for our home theater customers!



Triton 1 Triton 7!

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