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BG Radia makes some of the most affordable ribbon planar loudspeakers. We have used these for demonstrations and they are almost perfect in condition, however, BG Radia decided to focus their company almost entirely on in-wall or on-wall speakers, with just a few higher performance speakers on the side. The incredible Z7 towers got the axe! We actually have the complete 5.1 system, including matching center, bookshelf surrounds and powered subwoofer. The system sold for $3,000 and we will sell our demo system for $1,500! Click on the picture or call for more details . . .

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This screen is a very slightly used, in mint condition, motorized 103" VuTec Lectric III screen. It's a tension mounted widescreen shape (16x9) and has the high 3.1 gain PearlBrite screen material. Everything on this screen is in mint condition, plus it has an extra long leader for high ceilings! New, it sold for $2,799, but we are selling this one for $1,350. It comes with a manual switch but we have the options to add IR, RF, 12 volt trigger or IP controls. Click the picture or call for more information . . .

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