At Home Theater of Hawaii

We have great customers, and they say that we perform 'miracles'!

From simply Mounting a TV to full blown Home Theater with Music Through-out the Home, we've seen and done most everything!  Having started out when this industry was known as Hi-Fi in the 70's, our roots began in music, which started even before our Hi-Fi days, but which sparked our love and drive to recreate experiences - certainly the sights and the sounds, but more importantly the emotion -  as found in concert halls but then evolving and expanding to include Movie Theaters.  


We do all sizes of projects, from small to very large and can do pretty much anything and everything needed to povide the best experience possible.  Not only have we carefully chosen the best audio and video products for our designs, but we also have furnishings and acoustic products that we incorporate into our designs as needed.  We can start with a blueprint or we can go into a home that is already built and provide an incredibly clean installation, providing all aspects of the project from design, products, installation, drywall work, everything needed!

We start with a consultation at your home, which gives us an opportunity to see your space or more importantly the environment and to visit with you to find out what your thoughts, ideas and desires are.  Then we can create a design to cover whatever aspects are needed for the project - audio needs, video, Network upgrades, acoustic control, system controls - anything and everything!  


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We strive to take care of all your needs. We carefully examine the desires of each customer, identifying all of their needs and wants, exploring all the possible solutions that new technologies can provide and giving them the options to best fill those needs and desires. 

Best experts are co-working for the best result. The synergistic effect of our decisions is achieved through a well-established pattern of interaction between our experts and key specialists of the company.

Building garden ponds of any size and layout, dinamical and static compositions, Aqua is only a basic list of services of our company. Construction of a decorative pond is primarily the task of the reproduction of natural phenomena.

Individual approach to each client. The peculiarity of our company that distinguishes it from a variety of companies, is the individual integrated approach to solving problems. We are always looking for a specific approach to each case.