Covid-19 has changed the world as we know it, especially in the way that we intereact with people.  Just going out to eat is considered potentially dangerous!  The effect that the virus will have and is having on going to the movies is scarier still.  We can help your family stay safe with 'going to the movies' by creating your very own 'theater' in your home!  From a high-performance soundbar and surround speakers to creating a stealth theater in your living room or great room to converting an unused bedroom or office into a state-of-the-art full on theater, we can give you options that give real theater results in the safety and comfort of your own home!  Give us a call and we can show you solutions to help you have the safest, movie-theater-fun in your home . . .



An Unused Bedroom Theater

An unused room is re-purposed into something really fun.

Comfortable Living Room Theater

We turn a Living Room into a very comfortable Home Theater.

Classic Hawaiian Home

We create a custom 'hidden' home theater in this classically built Hawaiian Home.

Condo Theater

We create a large scale Home Theater in a condo, creating faux columns on each side of the screen to accomodate the large in-wall speakers, allowing them to fit in front of the concrete located behind the drywall.

TV In the Kitchen Island

Working with a dual-level Island in the Kitchen, we created a hidden TV that rises out of the counter and then pivots as needed to watch TV in the Kitchen side or the counter/bar side.

Projection in front of a Stairwell

The family's Living Room wasn't set up for the best flow until we designed this Projection System as the center of their Home Theater.


Nice Home Theater

We created a colorful, festive high performance Home Theater in what used to be an unused side room, complete with acoustic control, 4K projection and ambient light controlling projection screen.

Spare Bedroom Theater

We can turn existing unused rooms into your entertainment haven.


Recessed TV

Working with the cabinet maker, we created a space to recess the Sony TV and the excellent GoldenEar soundbar.

Clean Living Room

We created a very clean Home Theater in an awesome open-concept Hawaiian Styled Living Room

Beautiful, Quiet Room

This entertainment room sounded like a high-school gymnasium until we worked some acoustic magic.